What is the difference and which one do I need???

Private Virtual WordPress Training is designed for people who want personal, individualized help.   If you want to learn how to do something specific on your website, or learn about a plugin or theme you have, then private training is for you.  During private training we tailor the session to your needs, ensuring that you are not wasting time learning things that do not apply to you. Private training sessions are $100 per hour. Click here to schedule a private training session.

Virtual Group Training is still a live training session, but you will share a virtual classroom with up to 25 individuals and the information we cover is defined in the course description.  Questions that are specific to your website may not be answered if it is not relevant to everyone in the group.  This is a more affordable option that offers a good solid foundation for learning WordPress. We have many group training sessions that cover different topics. Group training sessions are $30 per hour, and include a free 15 minute q&a period at the end of the session. View our group training options here

Ask An Expert Forum If you have a quick question, it seems wasteful to pay for, and schedule, a Virtual Training Session.  In this case our “Ask an Expert” forum membership is perfect!  Wordpress experts are answering member questions around the clock, no question will go longer than 48 hours without being responded to!  So if you have a 5 minute question today and another next week, you can rest easy knowing help is on the way.  We also offer a premium membership for anyone that would like access to the “Ask an Expert” forum as well as ongoing private training, this membership level provides you with one hour of training every month. View our membership options here.