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Once you are registered for a session, you will receive an email with a link to your class 12-24 hours prior to your training session. When it is time for your session simply click the link, following any other directions from the email. The link will allow us to connect our computers, so you can see your trainers screen and their happy smiling face.
-For private sessions you will either need a working microphone and speakers connected to your computer or a phone to call your wordpresss trainer on.
-For group sessions you will need a working speaker connected to your computer to hear your trainer.
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If you have any questions or concerns please contact us before your session.

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Private training, specific to your website and what you want to learn.

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Group training allows you to learn WordPress from a live expert, at

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It is hard to know who to trust.

My previous developer took my money and ran, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I was going to learn how to manage my own website, running on Wordpress. I started with google and the forums, but there were some things that were just too specific to my own website to find the answers online, then I found VWT. They answered all my questions and helped me to understand the things I could not figure out. VWT is a lifesaver! And a hair saver!

John C. M. Jr.

So glad I found Virtual Wordpress Training!!

I knew I needed a website, but I quickly found out I could not afford a developer to do it for me. I searched the internet and found some website builders, but negative reviews turned me off. Then I found Wordpress, I was able to get it set up, but I ran into trouble setting up some plugins and customizing my theme. Virtual WP Training helped me with everything, and the price was way less than a developer, thank you!!

Jeanette B.